ADiSHOP is launching sales in the UAE region and looking for reliable partners for long-term cooperation. We offer 20 subscriptions as a gift to start which is equivalent of 42,000 AED.

ADiSHOP is a comprehensive POS app for automating retail and wholesale stores which already serves more than 1000 business customers and is growing by 10% monthly. Join us.

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What we offer to partners:

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Easy to start

You don't need to know all the nuances of retail business automation. We will teach you every aspect of the business and provide full support

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Minimum capital investment

The opportunity to start with low investments gives a quick ROI. We give you 100% from first 20 customer's payments which is equivalent to 42000 AED for a reasonable start

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Good profit

Earn from 20 000 AED each month. The math is simple:

Sell 20 subscriptions/month x 2100 AED = 42000 AED

Half is yours 42000 AED / 2 = 21000 AED

Pay local taxes


And for upcoming years you still get 50%. That means every customer will bring you profit yearly

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In-demand and relevant product

We will provide you with the IT product that has proven itself on the market.

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Training and support

We will teach you everything and provide full information support.

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Ads and promotion

We will teach you how to properly setup advertising campaigns to generate leads

How will you make money on this?

Sell subscriptions

Sell subscriptions and get 50% from every install. Help clients take their business to the next level


Earn on subscription renewals

You will get 50% of every subscription renewal from your customers
Monthly plans


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